What does Auto Enrolment mean and what do I have to do?

To start with it is important you know exactly what you want to achieve; whether it’s just about compliance and meeting your duties or you want to add value by providing more than the minimum requirements. The answer to this question might be different for separate groups of workers.

You can’t avoid the legislation. The reality is that just like PAYE, VAT and NIC, Auto Enrolment is another compliance requirement you will need to deal with and, like the other compliance requirements, there are punitive fines if you don’t.

Chances are you will need help. Help to understand what the legislation requires you to do. Help to understand the options you have. Help to assess the costs of Auto Enrolment and how to minimise those costs. Help to assess your current arrangements and resources to see how they can be utilised to meet your obligations. Help to put together your solution. And help to deliver that solution to make you compliant both at your staging date and on an on-going basis.

We provide a solution that will help you to proactively deal with your forthcoming obligations, establish a straight forward project plan and turn what could be problematic into a manageable, efficient and undisruptive process. Most of all, we can reduce the distraction of Auto Enrolment to your business, reduce cost and resources that would need to be applied if you were doing it yourself, and give you the assurance you will be compliant.

Our Auto Enrolment packages start from just £400

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Workplace pensions

Which workers are eligible?

There are three different categories of workers, defined by their age and how much they earn:

Eligible job holders are people who:

  • Work work or ordinarily work in the UK;
  • are aged from 22 to state pension age;
  • earn £10,000 p.a. or over.

These people are eligible to join the scheme but do have the freedom to opt out.

Non-eligible job holders are people who:

  • work or ordinarily work in the UK;
  • are aged from 16 to 74;
  • earn £5,824 or more but less than £10,000.
  • earn £10,000 or more and are under 22 or are over state pension age.

These people can opt-in to the scheme if they choose to do so.

Entitled workers are people who:

  • work or ordinarily work in the UK;
  • are aged between from 16 to 74;
  • earn less than £5,824.

These people can join the scheme but the employer does not have to make contributions.

All figures quoted are based on earnings thresholds in the 2015/16 tax year.

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