Getting it right – the process you should follow

We recommend you start your scheme set up process at least 12 months before your staging date. This is based on feedback from many large employers who have already been through Auto Enrolment and stated that in reality they needed 12 months to go through the different stages effectively.

Of course, as part of our service we can do a lot of this legwork for you and provide you with expert guidance throughout the process.

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Auto Enrolment Timeline

Start process at least 12 months before staging date

Step 1
Identify your staging date
When do your employer duties start? Do you need to bring the date forward to fit in with your business calendar? We highly recommend you start the process 12 months before this date.

Step 2
Pension scheme
What’s right for one employer may not be right for another. Do you just want to meet the minimum requirements or do you want a pension scheme that is the right fit for your business? If you already have a company pension scheme, does it meet the requirements?
Are you going seek advice from an expert (like Tenet Employee Benefit Solutions) to make sure you get it right?
Bear in mind that a pension is part of your benefits package so could be used to a ract the right calibre of workers.
8 months before staging date Step 3
Assess your workforce
Not all workers are eligible for Auto Enrolment – make sure you know who is and also which group of people are eligible to opt in if they wish (see sec on entitled ‘Which workers are eligible?’).
Assess your workforce
You may need to ‘cleanse’ your data to make sure you can manage the different groups and communicate with them effectively.
6 months before staging date Stage 4
Communications Strategy
Make sure you give your workers the right information at the right time, taking into account the different groups they fall into. You should communicate with your workers thoughout the process and make sure they know their rights and what pension scheme membership will mean to them.
Stage 5
IT Systems
How are you going to manage the scheme, taking into account joiners and leavers? How does the so ware integrate with your payroll systems?
4-5 months before staging date Stage 6
Test Processes
Analyse cost implications and changes to your processes. Make any necessary changes to your existing scheme and test everything to make sure you are fully ready and are mee ng the detailed requirements set by The Pensions Regulator.
Go live – auto enrol Stage 7
Scheme Set up
Carry out all your duties and start auto enrolling your workers. Complete a Certificate of Compliance (formerly called Registration) with The Pensions Regulator within five months after your staging date.
Stage 8
on-going management of your scheme
Carry out all your on-going duties, including management of the ‘eligible’, ‘non-eligible’ and ‘entitled’ work categories (remember they could move from one group to another), as well as scheme leavers and joiners.
Regularly review your pension – is it fit for purpose?
Enroll eligible job holders who have opted out every three years and re-certify the contribution basis of the scheme at least every 18 months.

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