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Fair Value Assessment

Summary of our Fair Value Assessment

I welcome the introduction of the Consumer Duty and the shared ambition that compels us to prioritise delivering good outcomes for our customers. Assisting our customers in achieving these outcomes is of utmost importance to our industry, and we should take pride in being evaluated based on our ability to meet these objectives. Hence, I am thrilled to present our Fair Value Assessment for our advised service offerings.

This assessment reaffirms my belief that the products and services offered by Spencer Maynard Wealth Management represent fair value for our customers and are meticulously designed to yield good outcomes. While there are numerous strengths to highlight, there are a few specific areas that fill me with immense pride:

  • Passionate about maintaining Independence

    We continue to operate as a directly regulated firm, which enables us to offer ‘whole of market’ opportunities to our clients, without any ties or bias towards the solutions we offer.

  • Our levels of service

    Amidst the formidable challenges posed by COVID-19 and economic uncertainties, we have upheld our unwavering commitment to providing high quality service. This dedication has instilled confidence in our customers, assuring them that we are steadfastly by their side, ready to support them whenever they require assistance.

  • Our engagement experience

    The support we provide to customers through various channels has contributed to enhancing their overall financial resilience.

  • Committed to maintaining staffing competence to meet high service levels

    We invest in our team to ensure training and competency practices are utilised to ensure up-to-date knowledge of products, technology and provider features.

  • Continuing to invest in our business

    We have an ongoing commitment to adopt service enhancing infrastructure, training platforms and software to enable us to provide relevant and up-to-date services and planning opportunities

Furthermore. I am pleased to note that we have successfully identified areas where further improvements can be made. Through preparation for consumer duty and taking guidance from the regulator and our support services, we have identified ways to improve our internal MI, identify client vulnerabilities, and enhance our client service proposition, which further ensures fair value to the consumer.

Being strong advocates of impartial financial advice, we take on the responsibility of working with product providers who share this ethos and are willing to support advisers by continuing to provide us with services that support us and our processes. We know that great customer outcomes are achieved together.

Our Fair Value Assessments demonstrate this.

Adam Maynard
Principal Adviser and Director